General Alexei Sarov
Alexei Sarov was a former Russian General. He was the main antagonist of novel Skeleton Key. Sarov still lives in Russian communism days, he has a master plan in which he would detonate a nuclear bomb inside a nuclear submarine to spread nuclear radiation, the effects of the disaster would bring so much devastation to Europe that communism could take back control.

Sarov was once married to an unnamed woman and had a son called Vladimir. Sarov wanted his son to join the Russian army, however Sarov's wife disagreed which led to their divorce. Eventually Vladimir did join the army and became a powerful and skilled soldier; however he was shot by a sniper and died.

Sarov's main residence is in the island of Cayo Esqueleto in Cuba, his house and HQ is a large yellow house on the edge of a cliff called Casa De Oro. There are two entrances to Casa De Oro, the first being through a narrow road that goes to the edge of the cliff where the house is and the second is a booby trapped underwater cave called "The Devil's Chimney", the cave has a security device in which anything that enters the cave is diced, sliced, stabbed and impaled by fake stalagmites and stalactites on the floor and roof of the cave which ascend and descend like a giant jaw (CIA agents Glen Carver/Tom Turner and Belinda Troy are killed by this trap while trying to enter Casa De Oro).

In order to sneak a bomb into Murmansk to detonate it Sarov invites the Russian president to his house and during a banquet he knocks out the president with a drugged glass of vodka, then Sarov has the president locked up and then takes off to Murmansk in the president's jet, which will not be searched and thus the bomb would not be discovered. Aside of his nuclear devastation plan, Sarov, also had an interview with the Russian president which he planned on editing to make him look like a terrible president so that he (Sarov) could take control of Russia and thus turn it once again to a communist country.

In Skeleton Key when he saw Alex Rider who worked so hard to save his country, that he remembered his son, Vladimir, who had died serving his country in the army. Sarov planned to adopt Alex, however Alex refused several times by trying to escape from him and a depressed Sarov leaves Alex to die in the nuclear explosion of Murmask harbour. However Alex takes control of a crane and removes the detonation card of the bomb, Sarov then enters and calmly tells Alex to put it back, Alex however refuses and states he would rather die than have a father like him. A devastated Sarov pulls out a gun and shoots himself.

Rated: Adults only
Summary: AU, Inspired by After the End of the World by Silver Queen. Alex failed his mission at Skeleton Key. Seven years later, the world is a vastly different place. The New Soviet Union was one of the most powerful countries in the world, Britain was uninhabitable and Alex Rider was dead. All that was left was Lieutenant Alexander Alexeievich Sarov, General Sarov's adopted son and a few weary ghosts.
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