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Bio: Heya, this is Ara, admiring the cool of this site ^_^  I love fanfiction and writing and music and technology and math.  Chemistry and blowing things up are also fun.  So are bright colors and cookies.  Geeks ftw! lol  Mainly over on LJ, FFN, and AO3
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Challenges by Arithilim
Summary: Alex finds himself going down, down the rabbit hole.  An AR version of The Matrix featuring Alex as Neo and Blunt as Morpheus.  Must include trenchcoats and sunglasses.  Bonus points if the Trinity character is a member of K-unit or Yassen.  Mucho bonus points if Smithers is somehow worked in as the Architect  Extra bonus points for any real movie quotes inserted cleverly.  Need I say utter crack?
Categories: Humour, Action/Adventure, Crack, Parody Characters: Alan Blunt, Fox (Ben Daniels), Alex Rider, Derek Smithers, Wolf