Nile is a contract killer for the infamous crime organization SCORPIA and one of the main antagonists in the novel Scorpia. He's a black man who has a strange disease that makes his white blood cells attack his pigment glands, leaving white blotches on his skin. Nile was the second in his class of assassination, according to Julia Rothman, he could have been the first if it was not for his one fatal flaw (later revealed to be his fear of heights).

Nile first encountered Alex in the Widow's Palace and locked him up in a flood room where he was to drown, however Alex escaped and found Nile again in their technology research lab in Naples. Then Nile blew it up and drove Alex to a hotel in an Alfa Romeo Spider. Later Nile trained Alex when he joined SCORPIA in their espionage school at Malagosto and helped him infiltrate Mrs. Jones's flat to kill her, where Alex failed to kill her. Finally Alex climbed onto a hot air balloon to stop project Invisible Sword from activating and Nile was sent after him, resulting in Alex learning about Nile's fear of heights. Using this to distract his foe, Alex then sliced open the hot air balloon's gas container, causing a huge explosion and knocking off the balloon's basket. The explosion didn't only blow up the basket but also knocked Nile off the balloon and he fell down to his death as a result of being hit with fire being shot out of the container.

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Summary: Alex is unable to kill Yassen, and they both know it, so Alex has perfected the avoidance method in dealing with the assassin. When circumstances bring them together, face to face, for the first time in seven years, Yassen wants Alex‘s life, but in an entirely unexpected way.
Categories: Action/Adventure, Angst, Slash , Slash > Alex/Yassen
Characters: Alex Rider, Jack Starbright, John Rider, Julia Rothman, Nile, Original Male Character, Tulip Jones, Yassen Gregorovich
Warnings: Abuse, AU, Dub-con, Sex, Torture, Violence
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Summary: Alex Rider, Julia Rothman's son, is in a bit of trouble. An assignment that he thought had gone perfectly smoothly ends up bringing his world crashing down around him. Everything he thought he knew is a lie. Sequel to Divergence.
Categories: Action/Adventure, Angst, Friendship, Mission, Mystery
Characters: Alex Rider, Ash (Anthony Sean Howell), Helen Rider, Ian Rider, John Rider, Julia Rothman, Nile, Scorpia, Yassen Gregorovich
Warnings: AU, Violence
Series: Threads
Chapters: 2 [Table of Contents]
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Summary: [YG/AR] Kidnapped by Yassen and raised by Scorpia, Alex Rider is the world’s youngest assassin. When a mission takes an unexpected turn, MI6 sends Ian Rider to bring him home. Alex would rather die than work for the people who he thinks killed his father, but the choice is about to be taken out of Alex’s hands. It’s kill or be killed, and the time to choose has run out. AU
Categories: *Fests & challenges* > Spy Fest 2010, Slash
Characters: Alan Blunt, Alex Rider, Ian Rider, Julia Rothman, Nile, Yassen Gregorovich
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