Sabina Pleasure
Sabina Pleasure made her first appearance in the series in the novel Skeleton Key, in which she is a ballgirl at Wimbledon. She and Alex become friends and offers to take him to Cornwall with her parents. From this moment on, she serves as Alex's primary romantic interest. First signs of her feelings for him are when he is settling down to sleep the night before he goes surfing with her, she comes into his room and they share their first kiss. The next day, she gives him CPR when he is knocked out by a massive wave. At the end of the book, she invites him on a trip to the South of France.

In Eagle Strike, during this holiday, Sabina's father is nearly killed by a bomb. She breaks up with Alex when he tries to show her MI6's headquarters (She doesn't believe him when he says he is a spy) and is chased off by security. Later, however, she is kidnapped by Damian Cray, who wants to use her as a ransom for the flash drive Alex has stolen from him. When Alex presents the flash drive, Cray presents Sabina, who is, under Cray's orders, bound and gagged. Cray reveals that the bomb that nearly killed Sabina Pleasure's father was an assassination attempt, as her father was about to expose Cray's illegal activity. By threatening to cut her fingers off, Cray makes Alex give him the flash drive and keeps her, as he wants to have her killed, and decides to take Alex with him. On Air Force One, however, as Cray is about to execute them both, she puts up strong resistance and eventually Alex and Sabina prevail. Despite their love being rekindled, Sabina is forced to move to America by her parents. Before she leaves, she gives Alex a passionate kiss. Alex watches her walking away, wondering if they will ever see each other again.

It is revealed in the later book Ark Angel that she is still planning to visit Alex at Christmas and her father is writing a book "The Truth About Damian Cray." She appears at the end of Snakehead for a "surprise" Christmas visit, and the book ends with them entering his house, together.

Her name is a pun on the phrase "It's been a pleasure."

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