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Reviewer: AsinineIgnoramusAR Signed [Report This]
Date: 16/04/2012 07:28 Title: Let Go

Very good. I enjoyed it from the minute I started. The only constructive criticism I have is that I think you misspelled sidled. It's when Tom asks him what he's planning on doing. Other that that, you did awesome!

Reviewer: Talionyzero Signed [Report This]
Date: 28/09/2010 04:14 Title: Let Go

*laughs* Oh my...brilliant. Err...Alex cussing out Blunt and your story, that is.

 Many that have an Alex that has nothing left that matters to him make their Alex depressed/suicidal. While some of those stories are amazing, I still think I prefer your version of an Alex that is just waiting for the day when he turns 18 (although I've read something about it being 16 in the UK I think, do you know whether that's him being a legal adault at 16 in the UK, or am I just sleep deprived?) so that he can leave and do his own stuff. Not carig about what those in command of his life telling him to do because they have no true power over him...that's more Alex I think. 

 The subtle lines about how his life has changed over the past year or so are brilliant too. 'They'd have to dig her up to ship her out', etc.

 Also, your idea of world domination just became (the idea for)my facebook status, and since I go onto that site about once every 2 weeks it'll probably stay there awhile ;)

 Three points for uncreativity on my part!

Brilliant story,

Have a great day


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