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I LIKE SLASH. Well, not really, actually. Just a few specific pairings.... dunno why, don't really care. I'm just glad it's not real, since it's basically shota D: 


From AR, I like Alex/Yassen (and just them in general - they're so much fun), and that's about it. I hate Sabina with a burning fiery passion, she annoys the hell outta me. Most female characters do, unfortunately. :(


I'm a die-hard Shonen fan, and I tend to like most well-done 12-year-old-boy books (such as Alex Rider, Gregor the Overlander, Percy Jackson (though they got bad towards the end, they were fun while it lasted), etc.). I also like cartoons and superheros :D Teen Titans has been one of my faves since FOREVER. If I wasn't such a Sladin fan I'd be all for Rob/Raven. (Starfire's cute, but there's no chemistry. Srsly.) I've also been attempting to up my classic-reading skills with novels such as Lolita (it was ok by my standards, as I tend to go for plot more than basic character studies) and Portnoy's Complaint (same deal, though this has given me some interesting insight on teenage boys and Jews). I don't watch much TV (and when I do, it's online ;D) but what I DO watch is usually pretty serial (again, PLOT=LOVE) so I've been sticking to Dexter, Mad Men, and RuPaul's Drag Race (LOL).  


I spend my days killing time by working on my OWN superhero-verse (I call it Eastwhest, which is the name of our city), and reading whatever awesome crap I can find on the internet ;D 

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