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Bio: Eh well I'm an american, I'm a freshman! I live in well, north america. I'm a spaz, and Alex is like ahhhh! LOL! And my 'name' is pronounced Ar-ma. I also have an acount on an Eragon fan fic, called shurt'urgal, check it out! My pen name is Arma. I also have one on Fan Fiction under Alex Rider with the pen name Ambrele! My live Journal is Ambrele, and my Deviant Art is Ambrele to!!!!!!! I also HATE mary-Sues, but yet all of my stories have one! Don't ask how! But there normaly butt kicking ones!
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Stories by Arma Rider
Rated: Not suitable for young children
Summary: FeatureAlex wants to be normal so badly, but something will happen to change that
Categories: Action/Adventure
Characters: Alex Rider
Warnings: Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 6 [Table of Contents]
Completed: No • Words: 7289 • Views: 7652
[Report This] Published: 23/10/2008 Updated: 15/05/2009